The Story

LeVeL Beverages, was founded in 2013 by Chrish Graebner, a long serving “Fast Moving Consumer Goods” enthusiast from Sydney.

Under his leadership our small team were convinced that there is a chance to establish a beverage start up by focussing on drinks that are “better for you”.

Since then we have successfully established ourselves through our exclusive distribution agreements with natural iced tea and energy drink brands: AriZona and 28 Black.

Since the establishment of our import/distribution business, we have been working on daring to establish our very own beverage.

After years of investigation, we had decided to focus our efforts on creating a new kind of lemonade.

Our team loves a lemon flavoured carbonated soft drink – but felt that current offerings lacked sophistication and were too high in sugar whilst lacking in additional health benefits. Those who had “better for you” propositions, simply did not taste good enough to sway a “die hard” carbonated soft drink endorser.

We seized the opportunity to engage with multiple nutritional experts and product developers in our search for a “new level of lemonades”. Here the very foundations that Level Lemonade was built upon surfaced:

  • A tasty “crave-able” carbonated soft drink
  • With low sugar (97.5% free)
  • And additional benefits (High Magnesium and Vitamin C)

But we did not want to distract from the fact that first and foremost it is a soft-drink: Something you would want to grab from a fridge on a hot day – not even necessarily thinking about the additional benefits but rather enjoying the thirst quenching experience.

Through 5+ years of dealing with many trade partners in Australia & NZ, we are in the fortunate position to be granted an opportunity to present our newly created portfolio to a vast array of sales professionals. We hope it gives Level Lemonade the fighting chance it deserves to gain sufficient distribution to allow broader availability in the market place!

Whilst a daring adventure lies ahead – we are quietly confident that the overwhelmingly positive responses we receive from our consumers are a representation of the great potential Level Lemonade has!