Your perfect work out buddy: Magnesium

A Magnesium supplement should be part of your pre- or post-workout routine: Magnesium is used in just about every bodily function that allows you to effectively exercise and build muscle, which includes protein synthesis, muscle and nerve functions, blood glucose control and energy production.

Magnesium can ease post-workout soreness and help muscles move smoothly from a contracted to a relaxed state. This is due to Magnesium’s abilities to move blood sugar into your muscles and to dispose of lactic acid, which can build up in muscles during exercise and cause extreme pain. Studies have also shown that this feature of Magnesium can also help boost exercise performance.

Especially during exercise the body may need 10-20% more Magnesium than in a resting state. When we sweat during a hard workout our body loses electrolytes, including Magnesium. If you don’t replace the Magnesium you lose while you are working out your muscles will find it harder to recover.

If you have a high Magnesium diet you ensure that the mineral is available for the muscles you’re working during your training session, which helps to increase strength and power. Therefore Magnesium-rich foods such as dark leafy greens, almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, fish and avocado should be a staple in your diet.

During busy times it might not always be easy to get the full recommended amount of Magnesium through your diet so it can be helpful to supplement Magnesium not only to increase exercise performance but also to improve overall wellbeing.


As you can tell, we are quite passionate about Magnesium, which is why we developed our high Magnesium lemonade! Level Lemonade offers not only the full recommended daily dose of Magnesium but also of Vitamin C while still being low in sugar and unapologetically fizzy– which (in our opinion) makes it the perfect drink!


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