Magnesium is... a great stress relief

Magnesium is... a great stress relief

When we experience stress, our body reacts by soaring heart rate and blood pressure in order to increase the flow of blood to the brain to improve decision-making. Also, blood sugar levels rise to furnish more fuel for energy and the blood is shunted away from the gut due to it not being needed for digestion. Clotting occurs also more quickly when we’re stressed to prevent blood loss from lacerations or internal haemorrhage.


This happens even faster when we don’t have enough Magnesium in our bodies. Magnesium can actually play a big role in all of those reactions. When you are magnesium deficient and the blood pressure soars, smooth muscles in the walls of our blood vessels can go into spasms which can lead to chronic hypertension.


Magnesium is also responsible for insulin opening up cell membranes to allow sugar into the cells. If you are deficient and your blood sugar rises due to stress, cells don’t receive glucose even when the blood sugar is rising. ⁣⠀


Basically, when we are stressed our bodies burn up Magnesium leaving us vulnerable to stress-related conditions.


Magnesium helps control your body’s stress-response system, and hormones that elevate or diminish stress.


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Magnesium is... essential for a healthy digestion