Magnesium is... helpful in boosting exercise performance

Magnesium is... helpful in boosting exercise performance


During exercise, our muscles use an increased amount of energy by our cells breaking down food. Preferably, these cells work in the presence of oxygen under a process called 'aerobic respiration' - explaining why we sometimes breathe faster whilst working out. ⁠

Occasionally, our body can also use an alternative process called 'anaerobic respiration'. ⁠While this does not require as much oxygen, it leads to the build up of lactic acid - which, if in excess, can cause soreness and pain in the muscles.⁠

Magnesium, appears to be supportive in the disposal of lactic acid and in moving blood sugars into your muscles - in fact to such an extent that studies suggest we need 10-20% more Magnesium during exercise!⁠

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