Magnesium... is your post workout buddy

Magnesium... is your post workout buddy

Magnesium is the perfect post workout buddy as it can help ease soreness and support muscle recovery. Its relaxing abilities can help your muscles go from a contracted state to a relaxed state.


If you work out regularly, magnesium is definitely a nutrient that you don’t want to be lacking in. Sweating gets rid of key electrolytes in the body, including magnesium. These need to be replaced after a gym session, especially if it was a fairly intense one.


Magnesium helps the muscles to relax post-workout, which counteracts the role that calcium plays in contracting the muscles. A lack of magnesium can upset this delicate balance and you’re likely to feel the effects of this as sore muscles. If you don’t replace the magnesium you lose while you’re working out, your muscles find it harder to recover.


Magnesium is also involved in helping your body to convert glycogen into glucose. If there isn’t enough magnesium to do this, the body moves into anaerobic metabolism instead. The end result? Lactic acid build up, fatigue and even more potential for sore muscles.


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