Why Magnesium is Level Lemonade's Key Ingredient

Why Magnesium is Level Lemonade's Key Ingredient

At Level Lemonade we conducted thorough research into the vitamins and minerals that we depend on the most with a vision to create a “cravable” carbonated drink that is actually good for you! So just in case you were wondering what triggered us to launch a high magnesium lemonade, here’s why.


Australian health survey's over recent years show that magnesium intakes are way lower than what is recommended. In fact approximately half of Australians consume inadequate amounts of the mineral. Only 30% of dietary magnesium consumed is absorbed by the body, so taking supplements have proved an effective means of reaching the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI).


To note as well, considerable amounts of magnesium are lost during strenuous exercise. This means magnesium supplementation is essential for busy people who engage in regular physical activity.


So watch for the signs of magnesium deficiency! Consider all of this:

· Do you suffer from daytime sleepiness?

· Do you find you are anxious regularly?

· Do you have muscle cramps?

· Do you get headaches frequently?

· Do you have mental fog while working or studying?

· Mild heart arrhythmia?


Magnesium is crucial for more than 300 internal processes that you might not be aware are going on but that sustain life itself. It is particularly important for energy production, protein formation, muscular contractions, cognitive function and nervous system regulation. This is why it is being considered the 'hero' mineral and why we seized the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind range of lemonades high in magnesium. The beverage provides the full RDI of magnesium so consumers can power through their daily regime without worry.


Not only this but the beverage also provides the full RDI of vitamin C as well as being 97.5% sugar free. Most importantly the drink does not sacrifice the “cravable” taste of a soft drink so consumers can have the best of both worlds.


The benefits of Level Lemonade define it’s diverse application. Have it after the gym, a run or sports. Have it at work or during study to keep you energised and focused. Or enjoy it socially! Just remember to have your daily dose of lemonade!


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