Vitamin C Is Good For Me

Vitamin C Is Good For Me

Our journey to create an innovative, better for you, carbonated soft drink lead to the discovery of the wonderful benefits of vitamin c. We quickly learnt that vitamin c’s safe and effective properties as well as its diverse functionalities were a perfect fit for Level Lemonade.


Vitamin c quickly developed a name for itself after the finding of its ability when ingested by the body to reduce the severity of colds and even prevent chronic diseases. Since then much more has surfaced about the wonder vitamin, proving that it can help with so much more.


Vitamin C has been found to reduce muscle inflammation and soreness after physical activity. Muscle soreness can last for days after intense exercise but by taking vitamin c the recovery period can be reduced, getting you back into shape faster for the next load of activity.


If you ask any gym junky what is most important to him or her when exercising, they will almost certainly say their protein shakes for the development of muscular tissue. However ingesting so much protein is futile if the body does not have enough vitamin c to help the body metabolise protein!


Vitamin c also promotes the formation of collagen. This is excellent news for anyone that loves exercise but is held back by injury. This is because collagen has been proven to heal connective tissues, supporting you to get back to 100%.


There is also some good news for all the stress-heads out there as vitamin c has been found to reduce the impacts of physical and psychological stress. Vitamin c works to regulate the secretion of cortisol in the body and thus stops blood pressure from spiking during a stressful state. This means people with higher levels of vitamin c in their blood are less likely to exhibit indicators of stress then those with low levels.


Now some bad news. Vitamin c cannot be synthesised naturally and cannot be stored by the body. It also functions quickly and is short lived. This means we are increasingly dependent on foods high in vitamin c and supplementation to replace what is lost. However it does mean that side effects from consuming too much vitamin c are extremely rare and unlikely to cause harm. In fact vitamin c amounts less than 2000mg are considered safe.


Luckily Level Lemonade is here to help. In a single bottle, Level Lemonade will provide 100% of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of vitamin c (40mg), allowing your body to rise to the occasion, what ever that may be! Not only this, Level Lemonade will also provide the full RDI of magnesium and is also 97.5% sugar free, supplying you with a ‘cravable’ lemonade that is actually good for you!

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